CEREC® Frequently Asked Questions

Do CEREC® restorations look normal?

Yes, they look just like your teeth. We carefully create a restoration that looks like your natural tooth, including exact contours to fit seamlessly with the remains of the damaged tooth and blend in with your surrounding teeth. The ceramic used to mill your restoration is color-matched to your teeth.

Why is CEREC becoming so popular?

The popularity of CEREC continues to grow as more patients discover the convenience of getting a crown in a single appointment with no lengthy waits for outside dental labs to create a restoration.

Patients prefer the look of CEREC crowns and restorations because they are virtually indistinguishable from their natural teeth. They eliminate the need for unattractive metal fillings.

Finally, our patients love not having to cope with the unpleasant sensation of having to bite into dental impression putty. CEREC digital scans are made using cutting-edge imaging technology that eliminates the need for dental putty, generating a virtual 3D model of your teeth.

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How does CEREC® work?

Martin Family Dentistry uses the revolutionary CEREC restoration system to eliminate wait times and provide our patients with realistic, durable dental restorations in a single day. The process is surprisingly quick for a precision restoration and seamless fit. There are several steps to the process, but when you leave our office, your smile is fully restored.

  • Digital Scanning of the teeth and gums eliminates the need for messy impression putty and takes just a few minutes.
  • Design software uses the information from your scans to create a virtual model of your new crown or filling. This allows your dentist to design every aspect of your restoration rather than leaving this up to a laboratory technician.
  • The CEREC 3D milling machine carves your crown out of color-matched ceramic in 30 minutes or less.
  • The ceramic Firing Oven bakes your crown to make the material the proper strength, color, and final accurate size/shape
  • Your dentist polishes, smooths, and refines the newly milled crown to ensure a perfect fit and comfort, then places the restoration and secures it in place.
  • You leave with a beautifully restored, healthy tooth!

What treatments are CEREC® used for?

CEREC is used to create restorations for a wide range of dental services, including:

Is the material used for CEREC dental restorations the same quality as traditional, lab-created restorations?

Yes, and in many situations, the quality of a CEREC restoration is superior to more traditional, lab-created ones. CEREC crowns last as long as conventional restorations and can stand up to the same bite force as metal or porcelain-over-metal crowns. We use only the finest quality, medical-grade ceramic, a durable and attractive material that provides a lifetime of comfort and beauty.

Are CEREC® dental restorations as durable as they say?

Yes. With normal wear and tear, you can expect your CEREC filling, crown, or restoration to last years with proper oral hygiene. There are rare instances when we may recommend traditional porcelain over metal or full metal restoration. For most patients, a CEREC restoration will provide decades of beautiful function.

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