Preventative Dentistry FAQs

How often do I need to brush and floss?

This is a question we hear quite often! Ideally, we would like you to brush twice a day for two minutes each time. Can you brush more than twice a day? Sure thing, just be careful not to brush too hard. Flossing should be done once a day to get those hard-to-reach spots in between the teeth.

I can never get myself to floss. Is there any other way to clean in between the teeth?

Cleaning in between the teeth is an essential part of an effective oral hygiene regiment. Flossing is usually the easiest and least expensive way to do this, but it is not our only option. Waterpik is a brand of water flosser that can shoot a jet of water between teeth and down under the gums to get everything clean.

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What type of toothbrush do you recommend?

We strongly recommend Phillips Sonicare or Oral-B Electric toothbrushes. They provide great results in keeping your teeth clean and there are plenty of research studies to support them!

Why can’t I just get my teeth cleaned? I do not want an exam.

A professional cleaning (prophylaxis) is a procedure that must be diagnosed by a trained dental professional to ensure it is the proper treatment for you. We ethically and legally need to perform a comprehensive dental examination before recommending what type of cleaning suits your needs.

What is done during the exam?

During each exam we inspect the periodontium (gums and bone), your teeth, and all surrounding structures. In the periodontal portion of the exam, we measure between the gums and the teeth to assess the health of your gums. We assess your teeth, both clinically and by examining your radiographs, to find any cavities so we can stop them in their tracks. We search the surrounding tissues during an oral cancer screening to find any areas that may be suspicious and may need further treatment or monitoring.